Minor Studio project: Process

Week 3: 06/11/2020 Experimenting

During my personal tutorial with Eleni, we talked about my animation that I started creating. Eleni told me to work on my pacing and composition as its something that will make my final outcome even better.

During this week, I have been also experimenting with embroidery, I decided to combine some embroidery with my animation outcome as this is something that will relax me in between Im drawing my frames for animation. I though to make a embroidery tapestry or tote bags from left over material pieces in my house.

Developing my animation
Working on my frames, composition within the animation and colour.

I decided to place my animation in a TV illustration because TV has a huge impact of Polish youth. Propaganda is used daily on Polish television show. Viewers right-wing and left-wing what they want to hear and what they stand for. Right-wing propaganda is very offensive to Polish Woman, for example, they have recently showed a film about abortion being something unnatural and tried to prove to people not to to fo to protests by linking it to religious principles. LGBT people, propaganda in Poland is the worst and they call it ideology, showing it in daily news programme called ‘TVP INFO’. Many stories and situations in life are twisted so that older people watching TV continue to support the right-wing view. Of course, not only the elderly, but mainly. This is because, young people who use the internet and social media have a world view from both sides, the real one, and the one promoted at TVP INFO new programme.

My illustration for the TV Idea
My prototype at VIMEO


Further research: Marina Abramovic

‘Rhythm 0’ was a perfomance presented by Abramovic ‘to test her body’s endurance and psychic limits, making it both object and subject of the artistic action while exploring its capacity to embody the mental processes of conceptual art’ (Tate)

She put on the table 72 objects, and on herself placed a label ‘I am an object, you can do anything’ and would stand there for 6 hours. On the table were laying objects like, perfume, rolls, grapes wine, scissors, metall, pistol with one bullet. She wanted to find out things the public will do, and to push her body and mind into these situations. Abramovic would stand still in the middle of the room. The audience would start doing things, someone put the gun next to her head, the cut her blouse with scissors. After the perfomance finished, at 2 am, Aramovich started moving, and the audience run away. People did not wan to be confronted by her. People were scared. Abramovich says that after she came back from the performance to her hotel, she found a grey hair.

‘As the documentation shows, the performance evolved into one of constructed trauma, ending with the artist holding a loaded gun against her own head, with tears in her eyes, her blouse pulled open to expose her breasts, and bleeding from a head wound. Abramović commented: ‘That was the heaviest piece I ever did because I wasn’t in control. The audience was in control.’ (TATE)

Marina Abramović. Rhythm 0. 1974

Pictures from the performance.

What I find the most interesting in this performance, is what people did to Marina, as the time passed people were not afraid to touch her and do things to her. I did not like the way the men acted, and that Marinas blouse was cut by a men. Men have no right to decide about woman’s body. I think in a way it was a feminist movement by Marina. This shows that people can do everything presented to them in power. They can decide what happened to your body, what to do and what your rights are. The truth is that this performance is related to what is happening in Poland now. The government has no right to decide on our human rights. It is our right to decide our bodies as a woman.

25 postcards challenge based on my topic

Work for next week: 6 questions to answer:

1. With the idea that your work will communicate to a specific audience, what questions are you asking that audience?

I am asking questions like:
– Where do you stand?
– Are you with Polish Woman for their rights to not be taken by the governments?
– Are you for freedom and tolerance?
– Are you pro-choice?
– Are you standing next to human rights and the right to health care?
– Do you feel devastated like Polish Woman?
– Are you angry?
– Do you want to help us battle this war?
– Will you join us at the protest?
– Is it your voice, or the governments?
– Is it your body, or the governments?
– Are you scared?
– Are you crying?
– How does this makes you feel?
– Are you scared to get pregnant now?

2. Who is your audience?

My audience is 16-80+, it revolves around everyone. It mostly concerns woman, as this is their body, and they can make decisions by themselves. However, we all stand in this together. We want to fight this together, so it revolves around both men and woman.

3. When the work is seen on its own, and you are not there to back it up, what do you want people to think about when they look at your work?

How angry I am, how sad, and how this makes me depressed. I want people to take real feelings from my work, because they come from anger and a place in my heart that is slowly breaking with every decision that is made by Polish governments and how it divides people and families apart, because some people agree with them through their propaganda in TV. It breaks my heart to see people have to fight the police, even though they don’t want to. it breaks my heart that these decisions are made during pandemic by the governments, and that millions of people don’t have choice but to go out on the streets and protest because they can’t let this happen, risking their own lives and the lives of others. I want people to see the reality of Poland right now.

4. How will people benefit from your work?

They will raise awareness towards Woman strike in Poland. They will spread the words to each other, and from my artwork they can find ways to help Polish Woman. People will understand what is happening in Poland, and as a Polish Woman I want to communicate these ideas clearly.

5. In a dream scenario, how would you like to financially benefit from this work? For example, would you like a gallery to sell it? A publication house to market it? An advertising agency to commission you? An illustration agency to represent you? You choose.

I think, this work could be found in the newspaper as it really would benefit. These ideas could be intertwined with articles and my illustrations. The animation and gif could be placed as adverts on different platforms, even the Woman Strike platform.

6. Select 3 unfamiliar people or groups from the new References Database to introduce to the group next week explaining why they made an impact on you.


Sarah Corbett, who is an activist, and she talks about introverts and how the normal types of protests are stressful for introverts. So she introduces the audience to the craftivism, a quite form of activism. I think while watching her, she made a huge impact on me because she really wants to include everyone in the protests but not everyone feels comftobale being in a thousands group of people.

For the introverts among us, traditional forms activism like marches, protests and door-to-door canvassing can be intimidating and stressful. Take it from Sarah Corbett, a former professional campaigner and self-proclaimed introvert. She introduces us to “craftivism,” a quieter form of activism that uses handicrafts as a way to get people to slow down and think deeply about the issues they’re facing, all while engaging the public more gently. Who says an embroidered handkerchief can’t change the world?



Creating more refined gifs inspired by my postcards

Long version of my animation still in progress

Editing process

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